Stress is something we’ve all probably experienced at some point in our lives. It’s a perfectly normal response to the things we may encounter. How you choose to handle the situations that you’re presented with, is what will carry you through those tough moments, and these 4 tips below will help tons!

 1 // Move. Your. Body.

Getting in exercise can boost your endorphins and immediately elevate your mindset AND your mood! Get in 30 minutes of movement every day. It doesn’t have to be full-on workout guys. If that’s not your thing, get outside and just take a walk. Dance it out to your fave jams. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. Throw the ball around with your kids outside. Play with your pup. Go for a quick jog. There is therapy in movement, so just get up and MOVE!

 2 // Communicate.

Communication is key when it comes to handling stress. It’s tempting to isolate, but that will not help. Call your sister to chat. Text a friend. Email a cousin. Just communicate. It helps to talk it out and let someone in– To feel as though there is somebody who knows what you’re going through is powerful. Bring those feelings into the light, so that you can feel less alone. Being connected to humans via social interaction can do wonders for your well being!

3 // Curate What You Consume.

What type of content are you indulging in? Are you being cautious with what you’re consuming? Social media and TV can play into how you’re feeling. Maybe try finding content that will uplift your mood instead of bringing you down. Unfortunately, not all social media/TV is good. Think about what you’re looking at. Think about how it’s making you feel. Maybe it’s better that you step away from devices altogether to just enjoy a book, or a magazine, or go see a friend to have a real conversation. Make sure you check in with yourself about what you’re absorbing daily, and to choose the things that bring you JOY!

4 // Shift YOUR Attitude.

Your attitude can play a huge part in handling stress. There is a choice about how we view things, and it could help to take some time and think about your outlook. Think about what’s actually in your control. If it’s not something you had any hand in, it may be wise to focus your energy on what you do have control over. Put the problem into perspective, and maybe consider if it’ll be important in a month or a year? Are you a worry-wart? Give yourself a “worry period” and only allow yourself to be stressed for a short amount of time instead of the whole day. And don’t forget to make a gratitude list. Have you tried using our start today journals?  It’ll help with finding the positivity and reaffirm what you’re thankful for. (And, did I mention that is the BEST way to start your morning routine? Check out

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Our world can be overwhelming at times, and it’s ok to feel anxious because we are HUMAN! Lowering stress can seem like the impossible when you’re really in it, but arming yourself with these few tips can lead you to success and hopefully set you on the right path!