We just finished week one of our #NEXT90CHALLENGE and I started off talking about Perspective. This week we focused on perspective because in order to navigate the next 90 days of your life –or really, any hard season– you must have the right mindset. The video above is a little snippet from this week’s class and the content is totally free so be sure and sign up to get resources for living your next three months with intention and focus. You can sign up HERE.

Are you having a hard time controlling your perspective? Try this… when I’m in a funk I ask myself, “What is influencing my perspective?” Is it the media I’ve been watching recently? The influencer on Instagram? Is it a past experience that I’m allowing to color my current reality? By asking myself which factors are contributing to the way I’m feeling, I’m able to take a step back and separate what’s real (the blessings in my life, the resources available to me) versus what I might be making up (a potentially negative future I’ve made up based on nothing more than my imagination).

Here’s some truth to remember- we’re in control of two things in life: our attitude and our effort.

That’s it. We get to choose how we lead out in this season. So, what’s it going to be? 

I’m not saying if you shift your perspective all of your pain will go away. Pain is guaranteed, but facing it with the right mindset certainly helps. I’m going to share four things that will help you shift your perspective.

1. Ask yourself – is this real or is this a story I’m making up?

I always evaluate whether it’s a feeling I’ve felt before because if it is, I could be letting my past show up in my present too much. 

2. Step outside of your perspective

If we’re surrounded by negativity, we’re only going to get weighed down. Change your scenery and do something (take a walk, put on your favorite music, talk to someone who makes you feel happy) to actively separate from the negativity. 

3. Remind yourself you’re in control of how you view a situation 

Ask yourself “How would the best version of me handle this situation? What would her perspective be?”

4. Arm yourself with examples of the perspective you want 

If you’re unsure how to achieve the perspective you desire, surround yourself with those who have it. Listen to podcasts, read books and consume media created by people who have the mindset you’d like to adopt.  

You have the power to take what is happening to you and see that it can be for you. Next week during the #NEXT90CHALLENGE, we’re talking all about JOY and how to fight for it, especially when it seems impossible to do so. Each week you’ll get access to exclusive content, such as videos, podcasts, blog posts – all for free! You can sign up here