Maybe you eat healthy for the most part, or you’ve never looked at a nutrition label in your life, or you eat all plant-based. Wherever you may be, there’s always room for growth. Growth starts with one step and then another and another. That’s exactly what it will take to change your health. You need to push past fears, insecurities and expectations and simply begin. 

Here are some very important fundamentals of eating well: 

1. Give up one category of food

Everyone’s got something. Diet Coke, ice cream after dinner, one too many chips. Identify it and name it. Now, give it up for thirty days. You can do anything for thirty days. Yes, it will be tough at the beginning, but we promise it will get easier. 

2. Eliminate empty calories

Sometimes we fall into a habit of adding empty calories when we could definitely go without. No need to count calories, but be mindful of empty calories you could be adding. Once you spot some (such as three pumps of creamer vs. one or none), you’ll be able to spot these sneaky calories other places and start to cut.

3. Add in foods to bless your body 

The key is food that blesses you. When you listen to your body, you will know what it needs. Start by adding in greens to your meals. Make fruit your snack. Look into the nutrient values these foods bring and make gradual changes. You don’t have to eat three salads for your meals everyday. In fact, sometimes it may just be a cookie that blesses you and that is totally ok!!

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