I have been drinking a green smoothie nearly everyday for the last five years.

I say “nearly” everyday because I find that the week before my period, I tend to be a lot more hungry and a smoothie just wont cut it. During those times my body prefers hot food and things that tend to be a bit denser so I’ll swap out for a small bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and a side of scrambled eggs. 

And just so we’re clear, this isn’t hyperbole– I literally eat the same breakfast (either my green smoothie or my oatmeal and eggs) every single day. It was a little boring at first eating the same foods again and again– but it’s so worth it. My energy is better than ever, I don’t have a ton of inflammation in my body anymore, I have zero bloating, my brain fog is gone, my skin is the best its ever been.. it’s incredible. 

Pay attention to which foods give you energy and make you feel great. Take note of which meals slow you down, cause bloating, make your skin breakout or make your stomach hurt– all signs that it’s not something your body can process easily.

The great thing about the green smoothie is that you can totally customize it to exactly what works for you as long as it has the basics: greens, fat, fiber and protein. These smoothie “fab four” were taught to me by my buddy Kelly LeVeque years ago and I’ve been playing around with that base for years. If you want to know what’s in my green smoothie, check it out. 

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A handful of Spinach – I buy fresh spinach pre washed and then store in the freezer so it lasts forever and also makes the smoothie cold

1 Cup of Water – most people prefer unsweetened nut milk like almond or coconut but it honestly doesn’t change the flavor to me or give me more nutrients so I just switched to water

A little ice – if you’re like me and you like it cold

1 Serving of vanilla protein powder – currently using Pure Power Vegan Protein *Whey protein powder is great but the dairy makes my skin break out

1 Serving unflavored collagen powder – I swear this makes my hair / nails / skin SO much healthier | I prefer Vital Proteins Collagen Powder

1 tablespoon of flaxseed or chia seeds depending on where I am in my seed cycling

1 Tbls of MCT Oil – currently using Nutiva organic MCT oil

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tincture – for cognition and memory support / I love this one from Host Defense

Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture – for energy support / I love this one from Host Defense 

Then I blend everything up in my Nutri Bullet. I used to use a fancy blender but it was too much work to clean. Now I just blend it and drink right out of the cup. 

There are green smoothie lovers the world over who figure out a recipe they think tastes delicious… I am not one of those people. I drink my green smoothie because it fuels my body. It allows me to have energy and sets my day up for success.

Whether you adopt this smoothie or create your own recipe I encourage you to find a great energy filled breakfast that you can make a habit. Remember, if you own the morning you own the day!