Ford Room Featured A

When I was pregnant with Ford we did a whole post about painting his nursery. We worked as a family to create the cool striped wall that anchors his bedroom and even though it was time to transition him to a big boy bed I didn’t want to change that statement wall. But with our adoption closer than ever and a new baby on the way it was time to get him a big boy bed!

Check out how we updated Ford’s room and if you like something, click on the link to see where I got it. 

Ford Room Featured NO COPY

The first thing we needed to do was find a “big boy bed” for him. I chose this bed from PBK because it is so similar to his crib and it matched the dark brown paint on the wall so well.

Ford Room 20

The bedding in Ford’s room? I love that it’s all mix and match! The comforter and quilt are from Land of Nod and the pillow and sheets are from Target.

Ford Room 8b

The picture is A: super duper lightweight and B: bolted to the wall within an inch of its life so it can’t fall on him. It’s an oldie but you can find a similar vibe here.

Ford Room 5a

Also, the teepee?? Are you kidding?! How cute is it?! This one is from Land of Nod and the big boys love playing in it almost as much as their little brother. The little LED lantern? You can find it here.

Ford Room 4

The glider is something we’ve had since Jackson was a baby (we just keep passing it from one kid to the next!). But anchoring it with a jute rug in between the drapes really make it such a cute reading corner. 

Ford Room 9

When I was pregnant with Ford we asked the big boys to paint pictures for him. I framed those and put them on his wall. They’re still just as cute and I hope he keeps them forever. 

Ford Room 2

These dressers are just two in expensive items from Ikea actually. The raw wood grain really works with the theme of the room.

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