Last year, when I made my very first gift guide, it was really super popular. The team at HQ was like “Do a gift guide, you have to!” But I kept thinking, honestly? Who is going to want to know about the random little gifts I get for my friends and family? Turns out, you did! And I loved discovering that maybe y’all are just little weirdos like me.


So here we are again, with a whole new line up of fun and funky gifts from my 2016 holiday gift guide. Just like last year I’m including a mix of high-priced and low-priced items so you can find something no matter what your budget is. Interested in a particular item? Click on the blue highlighted words for the link to the product. Happy browsing!


  1. 1. Sparkle Studs – You guys, I have to include a great stud earring! I can’t not. It’s my signature accessory and when I find some with a bright pop of color like these, it just feels so necessary. These are Kate Spade and they come in so many colors. Added bonus? The packaging at KS is so darling you don’t need to wrap anything. Need some outfit inspiration to pair these with? Check our style section here, sister!


  1. 2. Upscale Downhome – My very first cookbook came out in October and it’s a darling choice for a holiday gift… even if I do say so myself. It’s got over 450 photos (so you’ll know what to do every step of the way) plus it’s filled with tips on how to be a great hostess, a whole chapter on parties you can throw at home and a bunch of stories and pictures of me cooking as a child back in my home town. Another plus? It’s only $12 on Amazon you guys! I can’t think of any other gift that packs so much, for so little!


  1. 3. Giving Key Necklace – I’ve gotten so many questions over the last year on the different Giving Keys that I’ve worn. The idea is that you choose a word you most need to work on this season and wear it around your neck as a reminder. For me, those words have been: “breathe”, “be still”, “create”, “tough” and “rise”. TGK is cool because you can choose from existing words on their website or do a custom word of your own. You’ll wear your giving key as long as you need the word and then you give the key to someone who needs your word more. So special!


  1. 4. Graphic T-Shirt – I purchased this shirt months ago specifically for weekend lounging and now that colder weather is here it’s in constant rotation with my favorite leggings! A graphic t-shirt is a fun gift for your girlfriend and an even better gift to buy yourself. You can get more inspiration on how to where your new graphic t-shirt in this post!


  1. 5. Mercy Candle Company – Earlier in the season I did a podcast with Jamie Ivey on the best gifts to give that were socially conscious and Mercy Candle Co was in the mix. I love supporting a woman-owned business + the fact that a portion of proceeds are donated to causes who work to eliminate human trafficking. All of that is fantastic. But beyond all of that great stuff is the fact that THESE CANDLES SMELL AMAZING!!! I’ve got the grateful candle on my desk at HQ and I light it every morning when I come in. 


  1. 6. May Designs Journal – So, funny story… years ago I heard about making a custom May Designs Journal on The Today Show and I immediately made a custom journal for every woman in my family. I was so excited to choose everyone’s name or monogram but I thought I’d be especially cute with my new mother-in-laws journal. I had hers custom made to say “Patty June” her first and middle name. Come Christmas morning I was so excited for everyone to unwrap them. All the gals ooh’d and ahh’d as they opened their packages… all except my mother-in-law who just stared at hers in confusion. “I don’t get it,” she told me. I was SO devastated… why didn’t she “get it”?? Why didn’t she like it?? “It’s a journal–” I stammered, “with your name.” She shook her head, “But… my middle name is Jean.” YOU GUYS! I GOT MY BRAND NEW MOTHER IN LAW A JOURNAL WITH THE WRONG NAME! Kill. Me. So… when you go buy your own custom journals (and you should because they’re darling) make sure you check the spelling of your in-laws middle names! 


  1. 7. LZ Pencils – Pencils with cute sayings on them? Yes! Pencils with cute sayings from your favorite shows and movies?? The cutest stocking stuffer EVER!! LZ Pencils feature sayings from things like Gilmore Girls or Mean Girls and the bright colors are the ideal accessory for the stationary lover in your life. 


  1. 8. Decorative Horseshoe – When I was in Phoenix a few weeks back I found a booth for Marley & Alfie at a local flea market and I fell in love with all of their whimsy. I kept staring at these yarn-wrapped horseshoes trying to figure out how the heck to incorporate them into my decor at home. I ended up buying two that had complimentary colors and I’m incorporating them into my office at Chic HQ. These are so fun and colorful and I love that I’ve never seen anything like it before. 


  1. 9. Kitchen iPad Holder – I have a ton of cookbooks but I find something new I want to make on Pinterest at least eight times a week. Whenever I’m trying out a digital recipe I bring my iPad into the kitchen– right now, I just lean it against the backsplash or lay it on the counter but when I saw this pretty kitchen holder I knew I had to have it! Best part? They’re customizable and they come in different colors so you match your kitchen.


  1. 10. Marble Laptop Cover – I get approximately 800 comments a day asking me where I got the marble laptop skin for my computer. Since everyone seems to love it as much as I do I thought it would be a great one to include in the holiday gift guide. Grab yours right here


  1. 11. Beats Headphones – I got my first pair of wireless Beats Headphones a month ago and my listening experience will never be the same! Yes, this is the splurgiest of splurges but if you know someone (or are someone) who loves music as much as I do, then this is the gift to get them. They come in every color, but mine are rose gold. Obvi.


  1. 12. A Great Tote – Come on girls, this is hilarious! I want it as a shirt, as pajamas, as socks, as basically any kind of material that I can put on my body and I want to buy it for every single one of my girlfriends. The Fries Before Guys tote is such a fun idea for your gal pal! 


I hope you loved all of my ideas for holiday gifts, but if you’re still looking for ideas, consider gifts that won’t cost you anything but a little time in the kitchen. Try making these No-Bake Oreo Truffles or some Coffee Cake Cookies!