Rachel Hollis Office Before Laurel and Wolf

We moved into the new Chic HQ six months ago and that first weekend I spent hours upon hours setting up the main office. I wanted to make sure that everything was pretty for the Chic staff and ideal for doing work. What I didn’t focus on at all, was my own personal office. It was the last of my concerns and with a hundred million other things to do it became the lowest on my list of priorities. It was also– as you can see above –kind of depressing. It didn’t have any color or life or texture it was literally my desk, some random chairs and a large collection of almond butter. I needed an office makeover!

And so I enlisted the help of Designer Maryn Goolsby Favors & Laurel & Wolf which is an affordable, accessible and fun way to design your space online. They helped me design everything and lay it out and I’m so super thrilled with the results! Come on, let me give you a tour.

Rachel Hollis Chic HQ Office

I was a little nervous about working with an outside company, especially one with designs as gorgeous as L&W boasts. I mean, my style is… eclectic would be a nice way of putting it. I love to mix and match prints and price points. I love color and texture and things that are just a little bit weird. My designer, Maryn, didn’t even bat an eyelash she just kept sourcing more and more product until we got a look that I love and that totally feels like me.

Rachel Hollis Office

Like for instance… a gigantic picture of a bull behind my desk! I found this print on Minted and immediately added it to my cart. I know it’s kind of weird, but I’m kind of weird guys! I dig that it’s an unexpected backsplash for someone in LA. I also love the mixed materials in everything from the chairs to the frames to the rattan coffee table. Whenever possible I try and use as many textures as I can (call it a leftover style from my days as an event designer) but I think it looks so cool! Oh and the mirror, we can’t forget about the mirror. When you get your picture taken 273 times a week like me, a full length mirror is a must-have!

Chic HQ Rachel Office Crop

I really wanted  a seating are for when the staff comes into my office for a meeting or a chat… this happens approximately 87 times a day. I dug the vibrant color of this sofa from Apt2B and went a little nuts with the throw pillows from Pure Home but I think they look so fresh.

Laurel and Wolf Minted Home Office Crop

The gallery wall is a mix of framed prints, birthday gifts, clipboards and drawings from my kids. I love that it’s mix and match and you can create your own using my DIY post here.

Cute Home Office Ideas

When this bird lamp arrived at the office everyone laughed, but I adore it. It’s different and fun and I’m pretty sure that the glass orb it’s holding will tell you your fortune if you ask nicely.

Rachel Hollis Office Laurel and Wolf Minted

I have all kinds of things I need to store and display and I love that this bookcase is on wheels!

Rachel Hollis Chic HQ Office Shelves

It’s maybe nerdy but I love the way my books look stacked up on this thing. I can’t wait until the next one comes out to add it to the bunch. 

Chic HQ Reception

L&W also worked with me on the office makeover to design a little reception seating area in the main room. It’s fun and playful, just like the rest of the office! From the poster, to the pop of red in the chair, and the continued use of rattan in the side table, I couldn’t be happier. 

Rachel Hollis Laurel and Wolf Minted