Between my graveyard parfaits and my slimy cinnamon rolls, or how seriously I take my family’s costumes each year you may have realized that Halloween is my favorite holiday. So when CapriSun reached out and asked me to partner up to talk about their great taste and all-natural ingredients I sort of begged if we could do a post on how to set up a Kid-Friendly Halloween Buffet.

Because here’s the deal you guys… I want this day to be fun and festive for my kids, but they are going to get 9,000 pieces of candy. So if I’m doing anything for them it’s going to be creating treats that are a little more wholesome and don’t add to the riot of sugar they’re getting from the neighbors. Here are some of the things I do

As always you want to think in terms of elevation on your table… a buffet where all of the items are at the same height feels a little sad. I incorporate boxes or cake stands or even upside down bowls to bring dimension to each tablescape.

Use fruit and veggies as the bases for your themed food instead of sweets and junk food. We made banana ghosts, celery spider legs and candy corn inspired fruit kabobs. The options are fun and actually, offer them wholesome options. Just remember to check with the other mamas whose kids are coming over about allergies: nut butter is a great source of protein so long as nobody is allergic. In which case, you can swap out for a dairy or seed-based spread.

Get creative with those beverages! For Halloween, we dressed our Capri Sun up like mummies and it took no time at all. 

Just wrap a Capri Sun in white streamers and attach some googly eyes. Pro-Tip from Mummy? Make sure your Capri Sun is totally dry (no condensation) or it will make your mummy’s wrappings all wet.

Speaking of Capri Sun, have you heard that they now have four products made with All Natural Ingredients and no added sugar*? The new Capri Sun Fruit Refreshers, Capri Sun Organic, Capri Sun 100% Juice and Capri Sun Fruit & Veggie Blends have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, like the rest of their products.

Extra credit if you make some mandarin orange baby pumpkins or the apple vampire bites– both of which are popular recipes on Pinterest if you’re curious about how to whip them up.

Want some more Halloween table inspiration? Check out the Halloween dessert display I created last year. Happy Haunting!

*Not a low-calorie beverage