Do you know that feeling when you’re shopping and you just can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ve all experienced this, right? That feeling when you’re browsing the mall in search of the perfect denim jacket or scouring Pinterest for delicate, trendy jewelry you can effortlessly layer together…sound familiar? 

I’ve got you. 

And not in the usual, here are some links to awesome websites with a description of items that I love. This year, I’ve literally got you with the launch of Handpicked by Rach, a curated collection of my favorite things!

You’re probably wondering, “why a holiday collection, Rach?” So glad you asked! Well, two reasons:

  1. To lift up small businesses making incredible products  
  2. To streamline your holiday shopping experience. 

We’ve partnered with three incredible companies: ABLE, MZ Fair Trade and Piccolina to bring you a curated assortment of lifestyle accessories for the woman or kiddo in your life. I specifically hand-picked companies that are women-led, ethically run, and with products that are sustainably sourced. A purchase of any one of these items supports ethical business and diverse small business-owners.

About ABLE: ABLE is a Nashville-based company that I have loved and shopped with for years. They’re passionate about ethical fashion and even more passionate about the people who make it. They invest in, train and educate women helping them to earn a living in order to break the cycle of poverty and ultimately thrive. 

About MZ Fair Trade: MZ celebrates the incredible textiles of the Zapotecs, an indigenous people of Mexico – it’s a country and culture I deeply respect and admire. Their mission is to shed light on traditional craftspeople and marginalized groups who make their living from handmade items. They’re also an incredible female-led company that abides by fair trade principles. 

About Piccolina: So much of my work is done with the hope that my daughter won’t ever question her ability or the limit of what she can do. That’s why I’m proud and excited to partner with Piccolina, a mission-driven lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today’s young girls to become tomorrow’s leaders and trailblazers. The messaging from this brand is incredible, encouraging our daughters from the time they are toddlers to be dreamers and go-getters! 

It was vital -this year especially- to highlight small businesses and the good they put into the world. As a business owner myself, I know that hustle is always part of the game. However, in a year like 2020, it’s even more real. I also know that YOUR hustle is real too. Without windows to browse and with so much going on, if I can help you to cross one person off your list, it will all have been worth it!