Baby Costume

I’ll be honest, I have NO clue what Max is going to be for Halloween this year. I wish I was one of those moms who knows how to make a beautiful, crafty, hand-sewn costume from scratch (I’m not). I did however, try to make something special last year for his first Halloween. I “made” this Superman costume out of a onesie, some felt, fabric, and a logo I printed off the internet.TheChic_Baby Max Halloween
For all my lack of originality, I know there are hundreds of moms out there who are incredibly creative with their babies during Halloween. So here is my collection of the most adorable, delicious baby costumes you could ever imagine. I hope you glean some inspiration for your little one this year. And if not, just enjoy the pics. They’re bound to make you smile. Happy Halloween! ~Jenny
Meow, little kitty. Find more great ideas like this one at sheknows.TheChic_Baby nerd
I think he may be the cutest nerd I’ve ever seen. This mom at Hubbard’s Cupboard really got it right.TheChic_Baby swan
This one was so darn artistic, I thought there was no way it was a DIY. Turns out, I was wrong. And Kelli Murray even tells you how she made her little swan.
TheChic_Baby UP
Seriously?!?! The cuteness just slays me. It’s from the movie “Up” and we have to hand it to Auburn Soul Photography for her creativity.
TheChic_Baby aerobics instructor
How could you not love this baby aerobics instructor costume by Homemade by Jill?TheChic_Baby Harry Potter
The best part about this Harry Potter costume from SpearmintBaby is the fact it hardly takes more than a set of glasses and a striped scarf.
TheChic_Baby pumpkin
And you thought the last one was easy to do? Plop your lil pumpkin into a real pumpkin like Photography By Megan, and voila..instant costume!

Now these are the types of dinos I could get close to. Check out Running With Scissors for a full tutorial.
TheChic_Baby Lambs
Can’t go wrong with Martha Stewart. Guarantee your little lamb will steal the show.
TheChic_Baby cook
Had to include this one. I mean, seriously??? Doesn’t this little chef just melt your heart?
TheChic_Baby Popcorn
This no-sew baby popcorn costume from ThisPlaceIsNowAHome is absolutely scrumptious.
TheChic_Baby chicken
The best part about this baby chicken outfit by Martha Stewart is the feet. Kitchen gloves! So brilliant!
TheChic_Baby Princess Leia
If you don’t know how to make your toddler’s hair as perfect as this Princess Leia costume by CraftinessIsNotOptional, check out a helpful tutorial here.
TheChic_Baby footballs
Whether you have a toddler or a baby, JessMcClenahan will show you how to get them ready for the gridiron.
TheChic_Baby Cowgirl
This baby cowgirl outfit from ThisMarvelousLife does require a little sewing and stitching, but the end result is well worth the effort.
TheChic_Baby bird
I’m always amazed by the creativity that’s out there, like this baby bird costume by Emma Rae Curtis.
TheChic_Baby artist
Have a paint splattered smock or old t-shirt? You’re halfway there! I love this baby artist idea by Better Homes and Gardens.
TheChic_Baby ghost
She is the cutest, girliest, ghost I’ve ever seen. Find the full tutorial here, at DoItYourselfDivas.
TheChic_Baby sushi
Take some fabric, wrap it around a pillow and your adorable baby, and voila! Baby sushi! From the LittleBigBlog.
What is your little one planning to be this year? Snap a pic and show us by uploading it onto Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #TheChic!