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Last week I was volunteering in my 1st graders class and the teacher started the morning by telling the kids a little about lice. Apparently, in my neighborhood, lice is running rampent so it’s important to explain to the kids simple ways they can work to prevent it… meanwhile, I’m sitting at the parent volunteer table silently cutting q-tips in half (still not sure what craft that was for) and I’m SKEEVING out!

As a child I never got lice, maybe that’s why I’m so terrified of it now but if/when my boys ever come home with it I’ll handle like a calm rational adult… just as soon as I stop simultaneously crying and puking.

I heard the teacher mention that there were mint based products you could spray on your child’s hair that helped to prevent the little creatures from invading, and so I wanted to try and make some. Turns out there weren’t a ton of options online, so I decided to put one up on the site in case, like me, you’d like to try anything and everything to keep the pests at bay. It’s really really simple to make, and actually smells pretty nice so the boys don’t mind when I douse their hair with it before they leave for school.

DIY Pest Spray 1- TheChicSite

You can use a clean, empty spray bottle but I went and bought a pretty brown glass version and made my own label, because if there was EVER a time for a little pretty in your life it’s when you’re trying to keep little white spiders from laying eggs on your first-borns head.

Here’s What You’ll Need

2 Cups of Water

10 Cloves

Peppermint Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Boil water and cloves, then strain water and fill the bottle almost full with water. Add 20 drops of each oil and shake. Allow it to cool before you spray anyone with it. You’ll need to shake it before you spray each time (oil/water, you know how it goes). I’d also suggest putting it somewhere you’re likely to remember like next to their backpacks so you can just spray them down before you walk out the door.

DIY Pest Spray 3 - TheChicSite