We all know that purchasing power is a real thing. But as Jessica Honegger knows, it also saves lives.

In high school, her heart for the poor was awakened as she walked the streets of the Nairobi slums. It was also the trip where she held her first orphan. Returning to her life in the States, she became determined to be a voice of change, holding rallies to  raise money and awareness for the people who captured her heart in Kenya. Years later, she served in Bolivia and Guatemala with Food for the Hungry and in 2010 returned with her husband to Uganda, where they both felt the call to adopt.

Out of her passion for beautiful jewelry and her mission to expand her family through adoption, Noonday Collection was born. Now Jessica and the Noonday team work with talented artisans all over the world to make and sell beautiful handcrafted jewelry and accessories that create a unique economic opportunity for the artisans.

Today, Jessica shares about her busy day with three kids and a growing global business. ~Brandee

Jessica Headshot

1-What does a typical day look like in the Honegger household? 

There is no typical day in the Honegger household! Dance parties, trampoline jumping and wine.

jessica and kids picture

Jessica with her children. Photo Credit: Natalie Seeboth

 2-You run a rapidly growing business and have an equally busy family with three children. How do you seek to balance your work, family and rest time?

I get asked, “How did you do it all?” a lot. As the business grew I struggled a lot with the fact that I wasn’t at home with my kids anymore. I’m thankful to be able to share the load with a wonderful babysitter and amazing husband. This definitely helps in being able to balance work. Quality time with my family is important and I have to make a conscious effort to unplug and focus fully on them. It’s not always easy, but so worth it.

jessica with jalia and daniel

Jessica with Jalia and Daniel, the first artisans Noonday purchased from in Uganda.

Noonday artisans

3-How often do you travel to connect with the Noonday artisans?

I travel to countries where our Artisans live several times a year. We also stay connected thanks to Skype throughout the year.


 4-What’s one thing you learned on your last trip? Where was it?

My last trip was to India and I just returned several weeks ago. I learned how amazing it is to empower the vulnerable. I saw the effects it has not only on one person, but entire families and trickles into affecting entire communities where the women we’re helping empower live.

5-What advice would you give to parents considering adoption?

Go for it! It’s the hardest and best thing you’ll ever do.

girls uganda

Moms & Their Girls. Jalia with daughter Zoe and Jessica with daughter Amelie in Uganda.

6-What simple ways do you teach your children to learn about and engage with cultures different than their own?

This has been one of the greatest blessings of running Noonday. I took my daughter, who was 6 at the time, with me to Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia last summer. We stayed with the very first Artisans we purchased from in Uganda and their two children. When I began purchasing from them three years ago, they were literally homeless and would eat out of other people’s gardens. But now, their kids are both in school and they’re running a thriving business and employ over 40 Artisans who create our jewelry. My daughter asked why these things were possible now and I got to explain to her the power our purchases have. They’ve been able to see how partnering with others across the globe is changing lives.

Fill In The Blank:

I can’t start my day without: Jesus.

My daily uniform is: Noonday!

I get my creative juices flowing by: Traveling, visiting markets.

I’m energized by: People and hearing their stories.

“My Favorites”

Morning beverage: Coffee

Healthy afternoon pick-me-up: Fresh juice

Favorite fall look: Chambray, army jacket and Frye boots with a ton of Noonday!

Currently Reading: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Favorite Noonday Piece: some of our new items from Spring 2014 that are currently top secret!

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