Kitchen Blackboard Paint Before Facebook

I have some really cool built ins in my kitchen courtesy of my super talented brother in law Andy.

When we first remodeled our kitchen I wanted an organized space for mail, receipts, school paperwork, etc. But then each cubby was getting filled with a bunch of random things and there was no organization in sight. So, since washi tape and I are in a longterm love affair I just used some washi tape to assign each cubby a role. But, that wasn’t the cutest so I wanted to think of another way to label each one. The hard part was I sometimes change the cubbies around so it couldn’t be anything permanent. That’s when my old pal blackboard paint popped into my head!

Rachel Hollis Kitchen Organization TIpsI just added primer to the little strip below the cubbies and then painted over it with blackboard paint. The end result? My very own blackboard cubby!

Kitchen Blackboard Paint Before and AfterI use chalk to write what goes in each blackboard cubby at any given time and it’s super easy to erase and start over when I need to. 

Blackboard Paint in Kitchen

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