How to Talk to Your Kids about Resolutions and Goals

I’m a pretty big fan of vision boards, how about you?

If you’ve never made one before then allow me to introduce you to the concept. A vision board is a collection of pictures, words, phrases and drawings that you pull together based on your goals. You make a big collage and use it as a visual aid to motivate yourself. I’ve used them to inspire myself for years and I’ve even used them to help us save for a family vacation. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to do at the start of a New Year and something I’ve started to do with my boys too. Watch the video to see how we start off each January planning for the year ahead with a kids vision board.

How to Make a Kids Vision Board

I start off by gathering together magazines and newspapers. You’ll also need construction paper or cardstock to create your collage on. Throw in tape, glue, markers, stickers and anything else you think would be fun to include from your craft supplies.

Teach Your Kids about Goals, kids vision board

My vision board usually has pictures of health and fitness, book inspiration or clothing styles I want to pull off. My kids vision board? Well this year included things like “eat a waffle sandwich” and “get wrapped in Christmas lights”. The point of making these with the boys isn’t so that we’ll be super strict with goal setting, it’s so that they become more familiar with what goal setting is in the first place. It gives us a chance to have a conversation about plans and goals and how if you work for something  you can achieve it.

Kids New Years Resolutions

After we’re done making our boards we hang them up somewhere the boys will see them everyday… in this case, the bulletin board in their room. This is also a great trick for you too. It’s easier to lose sight of your goals if they’re, well, out of sight. So tack it up somewhere you can see as a reminder of what you’re hoping for this year. 

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