Guys, my kids are already on summer break—can you even believe it? When I was little I swear we didn’t get out until much later but the Hollis kids are already enjoying the perks of summer. When we partnered with Clorox, they asked if we had any fun summer plans… boy do we ever! This year we have a really fun family vacation planned in Hawaii (mama is counting down the days!) so when we put together our summer bucket list I asked the kids to help me think of activities that weren’t expensive or hard to pull off… because, a big time tropical vacation for a family of six is both of those things.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with, feel free to snag some of ours or better yet, sit down with your kiddos and come up with a list on your own.


  1. A Trip to THE PARK: Gather your loved ones and head to your local park with a picnic basket full of light snacks and a blanket. I know this is old-school, and maybe a little obvious, but it’s close and makes the kids super happy. The family can throw on some casual shorts and comfy tees and be on the road within 10 minutes. Tip: you don’t have to worry about the kids getting dirty or any unwanted stains because you can use Clorox 2.0 will remove those stains right when you get home.

  1. TRAMPOLINE: “I’m a ninja who can fly!” – Ford Hollis (age 4). My boys LOVE our trampoline, so getting on it is nothing new… but me jumping on it with them is exciting because it doesn’t happen often. So this summer’s bucket list includes time for both me and daddy to launch them into the air and do toe-touches and whatever else we dream up. When looking for family activities, you don’t need to get fancy you just need to be together.

CLEAN IT UP:  I know laundry doesn’t seem like fun, but let’s face it, all of these seasonal activities inevitably lead to stains, as it should because of all the fun, and luckily our brights will stay fresh and even brighter with Clorox2® Stain Remover & Color Booster, I use it on all our favorite summer clothes. Our threads stay looking amazing and the boys love to help fold. Our clothes get clean and we’re ready for even more summer adventures!  

 NAP TIME: My precious girl, Noah’s favorite summer activity? Looking adorable, hugs from mom, and taking ALL of the naps. Take a cue from Noah and be sure to include some down time on your family to-do list. Plan a down day just to watch movies and cuddle on the couch.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: No summer is complete without ICE CREAM! An instant crowd pleaser and a unanimous favorite among the Hollis fam. It seems silly but going to the parlor for ice cream (instead of just eating it at home) feels infinitely exciting to my kids. Sure it’s messy, but I know that I’ve got Clorox 2 to clean up the mess for me when I get home! Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun for your whole family. Get creative and keep it simple.