I live in fear of wearing white jeans. It’s not because anything has ever actually happened while I wore them it’s because in junior high we all heard the horror stories of that one girl who wore white jeans for the FFA livestock show and she started her period and lived as a cautionary urban legend for the rest of time. 

The thing is though, when someone rocks white denim– or even better ALL white it feels so chic and crisp and perfect for spring and summer so I bit the bullet and finally tried it for work. I’m still not dumb enough to try and wear this around my children or my dog but I figure, if I can save the all-white vibes for date nights or lunch with my girlfriends then I should be able to maintain this style. Want to try it out? Here are some of my best advice on how to wear white.


This look is super simple to pull of. It’s white denim, a white muscle tank (t-shirt would work great too) and I accessorized with brown in my belt and my sandals. For work I chose this oversized camo jacket (which sadly I got on clearance about 10 years ago so I can’t link to it for you) or the lightweight denim jacket I wore for the shoot. I think the key with this look is to pair it with muted tones so the white really pops.

Truthfully this denim. is evergreen at J. Crew but the pair I’m wearing here is a little baggier than I’d like– I bought it a couple of years ago– were I to buy again I would choose something that fits tight all the way down the leg. See how it’s a bit bunch around the knee? Go for a form-fitting option in white denim even if it means you’ve got to wear a blousy shirt to be forgiving around your middle. 


The shoes are perfect for spring and summer and SO comfortable. I’ve been wearing them with everything!

The belt isn’t totally necessary but I think it does a great job to break up the monochromatic vibe. 


This jacket is so versatile that you can wear it all season long.