You guys, if you have hung out with me on any social platform for honestly any length of time, now you have probably heard me talk about five to Thrive. Five to thrive is my name for the five things that I do every single day that have drastically changed my life, changed my energy level, and even how I show up for my family. 

I get so many notes from those of you who are doing Five to Thrive, so I’m positive that it’s helpful for others (not just me) and if you’ve ever considered it before, now is the time. 


Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day. Take your body weight. Let’s say you weigh 100 pounds. Divide that in half. That’s 50. 50 ounces of water every single day. 

Of course, the next question I get is, “Oh my gosh! That’s a lot of water. That’s way more than I’m drinking now. Doesn’t that make you have to pee every five minutes?” Basically yes. Of course, it does. But it’s also flushing toxins out of your system. Your skin will never look better sister. You will get less headaches. And best of all? Water is free! So let’s go, let’s do it. Half your body weight in ounces of water is essential.


I talked a lot about this in Girl, Wash Your Face and why it worked so well for me but the gist is…Cut out a category of food you know you should not be eating for the next 30 days. Maybe it’s fried food. Maybe it’s processed food. Maybe it’s sugar. Maybe you’re going to give up chips. Maybe you’re going to give up fast food. Whatever it is, just an entire category of food that you don’t touch. It’s not even a diet because you have every other kind of food to choose from. You’re just going to give up this one thing for 30 days and you are not going to cheat. I mean it, DO NOT CHEAT. The entire intention here is that you are proving to yourself that you can live without that thing and that you can keep a promise you make to yourself!


Move your body for 30 minutes every single day. Depending on your level of fitness, 30 minutes a day for you might be time at the gym (Read: How To Go The Gym!), a Zumba class, cardio kickboxing, or working out with a trainer. And for others, maybe you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey. So 30 minutes might just be a slow walk outside (Read: My Favorite Workout Wear for Cold Weather) or playing out in the backyard with your kids or dancing around in your kitchen as you make dinner. Whatever it is, just commit that every single day of your life you are going to move your body for at least half an hour. 


Get up an hour before you normally do. Then I want you to use that hour for yourself. Use it to work on that book you’ve always wanted to write. Use it to work out, read the bible, meditate, exercise, or just have a cup of coffee. Paint a picture. I don’t care what you use it for. The idea is just that you find an hour for yourself. Why is this a thing? Well one of the comments I hear most often from our community is, “I don’t have time.” You have time, you’re just spending it doing other things. Give yourself an hour every single day that’s just for you.  

Two important caveats with this one. If you have a new baby, if you have a child who is waking up, or if you work crazy middle of the night kind of hours, please be smart about this. If you have a two month old baby and you’re barely getting sleep, then waking up an hour earlier is probably a dumb idea for you. Do not take this one on if it doesn’t make sense for your life. 

And don’t think for a single second that I’m asking you guys give up an hour of sleep. You gotta hit the sheets a little earlier so you can actually make use of that hour!


If you choose one thing out of these five things, I highly recommend this one. Every single day I want you to write down 5 things that you’re grateful for, every single day. 10 things that you’re grateful for that happened that day.

You can write them down in your Start Today Journal or any paper you have but I do believe it’s important to write them by hand instead of typing them out. 

I am telling you, if you spend your day looking for your 10 things like, “Hey, I got to make my list later tonight, so I have to be on the lookout for beautiful blessings,” it will change your perspective of everything.