I’m going to brag on myself for a sec here. I’ve gotten dressed like the full-blown adult I am, every single day of this pandemic. Granted, some of those days may involve my sweats I’ve had for years with stylish holes, but I have yet to stay in clothes from the night before even once. Why? Because I’ve done that before when I was in a negative headspace. I refuse to let myself get back to that place, even if it was just because I didn’t “feel” like it. 

I understand that pulling yourself together when life is difficult might seem like a wasted effort. But honestly, showing up is half the battle. Getting yourself dressed and ready can go a looooong way in helping you stay in a good headspace. I swear an item in my closet (more like two or three or ten items) that’s always the easiest thing to throw on is THE GRAPHIC TEE! You can wear it so many different ways and it’s easy and comfy. I’m going to show you five ways to style a graphic tee: 

1 // Leather Jacket + Graphic Tee 

Hands down my go-to. There’s just something about the leather jacket and graphic tee combo that never gets old to me.  

 2 // Double denim + Graphic Tee 

This is a classic look and it always works. In this instance I went for black denim and draped the lighter jacket rather than wear it like normal. No matter how you rock your denim this mix and match will always work as long as the two shades of denim are different washes.

 3 // Oversized Joggers + a Graphic Tee

OK just want to keep it real with this one. Adding a fun graphic tshirt to your loungewear makes the whole WFH vibe so much funner. My loungey clothes can get a little boring and frankly, gigantic because I like the coziness of oversized. Mixing in the occasional fun top reminds me that I have a waist 😉

4 // Bold Sweater + Graphic Tee

You CAN rock that fun sweater, girl! Throwing on a graphic tee underneath a sweater of any sort makes it into my ensemble at least once a week.

5 // Oversized Blazer or Denim Shirt + Graphic Tee

Guys you can totally spice up your WFH meeting outfit with a blazer or denim shirt. Throw it on over your tee and you’re good to go.

PS – this is a pic from when I interviewed Biden for the podcast and honestly, if you happen to have a shot of yourself with the president AND you’re wearing a vintage concert tee, I mean, you’re sort of required to include it. No matter what your politics are, I think we can all agree this was a cute outfit 😉