Ever heard people talk about vibration? Your vibe attracts your tribe. Good vibes only. Raise your vibration. This concept weaves its way into everything from bumper stickers to coffee mugs. But how much do you know about your personal vibration? And more importantly, how good are you at elevating it’s levels?

At it’s most basic level, vibration is a fancy way of describing mood. When you raise your vibration, you raise your mood, outlook and ability to see more possibility. It’s also one of the major determining factors for the kind of people, opportunity and experiences you attract into your life.

That’s why I have a few things I do at the start of each day to help me raise my vibration. Consider tapping into one of these the next time you need a boost.

My Top 3 Daily Vibration-Raising Practices

1. Praying or Meditating Before Starting My Day

We’ve all had them: those mornings you wake up and just think, “Nope. I can’t today.” Been there, done that. But have you intentionally worked toward changing this mindset? I’m telling you, it’s life-changing. 

Every day, as soon as I begin waking up, I pray. In fact, I start praying before I’m even totally conscious. It doesn’t require an intense amount of effort or mental capacity to do, so it’s perfect for a sleepy morning state. Side note: I’ve dug through a ton of research showing that we’re most connected to the universe when falling asleep and waking up, and I believe it. 

If you’re not someone who prays, meditate instead. This is simply quiet time with your own thoughts to prepare yourself for the day ahead and raise your vibration from the jump.

I use this time to call in God and my guides, ask for guidance and help throughout the day for myself and my family. I encourage you to use your time for anything that resonates with you personally, like deep breathing to control your anxiety or thinking about how you can improve a relationship.

It’s your time to connect with your higher power and control your mindset as soon as you wake, so make it your own.

2. Being Mindful of What I Eat and Drink 

It’s not up for debate: What you put into your body every day matters. Certain nutrients are necessary for overall health, but they can also make you feel better, give you more energy, and raise your vibration. Meanwhile, other ingredients make you feel tired, cranky, and sluggish. Not sure which is which? Start paying attention to the way food makes you feel about 20 minutes after you eat it. Try and add more foods that give you energy instead of taking it away.

I love starting my day out right with a light, nutrient-filled meal, like my green smoothie.

I’ll be transparent here. This smoothie doesn’t taste good but what it does do is help me start my day off on the right foot. I feel satiated, grounded and energetic when I put the right nutrients in my body that give me vitality instead of taking it away.

3. Journaling for Gratitude

I’ve talked endlessly about the importance of journaling in my life, so if you’ve tuned into any of my previous podcasts, blogs, books, etc., you could probably already guess that this would be here! 

Journaling is a must for me. It’s why I created START TODAY a few years ago, sharing my love for planning and journaling with others who want to shift their mindset and raise their vibration. 

Starting my day by journaling is a practice I’ve developed for myself to express my gratitude, focus on my blessings, and get myself into a state of abundance. It brings me to the positive place I need to be in to be more intentional throughout the day. 

If you want to try journaling but don’t have a journal, grab a piece of paper. Start there. Write down what you’re grateful for in this moment, but make sure you truly feel it. Sit with your thoughts for a few minutes, so you can tap into whatever it is that’s going to lift your mood and carry you through what lies ahead.

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