Advent Calendar RU

An advent calendar just adds to the excitement of the holiday season!  Being that we’re just a few days away from the first of December, I thought I’d round up a few fun and simple diy advent calendars you could easily put together in less than 30 minutes.  Because ain’t nobody got time for long and involved projects at this time of year- am I right?!

TheChic_Advent calendar

Recycle, repurpose and reuse – make this adorable soup can advent calendar from Real Simple!

TheChic_Book Advent

For your little ones, this book advent would be perfect!  Just put them in a basket under the tree!  There’s something special about unwrapping a book and reading a different Christmas story each night.  They don’t have to be new books.  Wrap up old favorites or borrow a few from the library.

TheChic_Brown Bag Advent

Brown paper packages tied up with string………these are a few of my favorite things (I couldn’t resist – be thankful you didn’t have to hear me sing). But really, how sweet is this display?!


Use a muffin tin and grab these free printable cards from Club Chica Circle.  This would be a fun way to dress up your coffee table for the holidays or use it as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.  

The Chic_santa-calendar

It honestly doesn’t get any easier than simply using this free printable!  I love this one especially for multi-kid families.  Each child could have their own that could be put up with washi tape on their bedroom door.  I’m totally that mom that loves a non-sugar related Christmas countdown calendar, so this printable makes me super happy!


Last year I used our giant wall sized chalkboard calendar to create a 25 days of Christmas Fun countdown.  My kids loved this idea so much and looked forward to every activity; we may just do the same thing again this year!


Although as much as I loved the Christmas Fun calendar I think a Random  Acts of Kindness calendar would be even better!

In fact here at The Chic we loved the kindness calendar so much that we made aRandom Acts of Kindness free Printable Calendar for all of you below!  Click on each page of 12 acts, print them out, cut each “act of kindness” out and have one for each day of advent!

Advent Calendar_Page2 Advent Calendar_Page1

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