Christmas Colors

Christmas is a great time (and excuse) to play with colors you don’t usually decorate with in your home.  It also provides a great opportunity to experiment with color combinations and trends.  Red and green tends to be the go-to Christmas color combo, but why not play with some other colors in the crayola box?   Here are a few ideas to inspire you!


Orange is fun and if your someone who likes to put your tree up before Thanksgiving this won’t feel too out of place on turkey day.

orange and blue christmas

And just look how lovely orange works with robin’s egg blue!

pink christmas

Unleash your inner girly-girl; put some pink on your tree!


I mean if Tobi Fairley does it; you should too!

blue christmas

I’m thinking next year I’ll have a blue Christmas!  There’s something truly beautiful about a monochromatic color scheme on a Christmas tree.  This tree just looks like peace on earth.


As far as color combinations go purple, green and blue make for a fun and vibrant display.

red and aqua christmas

And how much fun is red with aqua?!

ombre tree

Play with color trends……give ombre a chance.

color blocked tree

Or maybe try a color blocked tree.

Have you played with any new colors this Christmas?  It may be too late in the season to put these ideas to use this year, but it’s never too soon to think about next year……is it?  The best deals on Christmas decorations are always found the day after!