Rachel Hollis Party Girls First Date Cover Reveal

I’m releasing my first ever novella! And even better, I’m giving it away absolutely FREE!

It’s called Party Girl’s First Date and it’s a continuation of the love story between Landon and Brody because so many of you wrote me asking what was next for them… which just so you know, is super flattering you guys. I’m truly touched that you care about my characters enough to want to know what happens to them. Anywho, I wrote this novella as a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of my self publishing Party Girl last Valentine’s Day. As many of you know, the book sold to a real publisher which subsequently pushed the release of the second book in the series, Sweet Girl, out to May 5, 2015. So on February 10th, the novella comes out as my gift to all of you who are waiting so patiently for Max to get her happily ever after in book two! In the meantime though, here’s a synopsis for Party Girl’s First Date. 

Landon Brinkley is twenty-four years old and she’s never been on a real date. That’s mostly because she’s been working so hard on her dreams she hasn’t had time to bother with men. But then Brody Ashton walked into her life and since he looks like an underwear model (but you know, with clothes on) it was kind of impossible not to take notice.

So Landon and Brody are dating now, or really, beginning to. It’s all very new and exciting and there’s only one problem… they still haven’t gone on a real date. So that’s what tonight is supposed to be; magical, romantic, expensive… and it’s about to go horribly wrong.

I love this novella and how it turned out. It’s sweet and funny and for you romance nuts, I made sure to put a fair amount of smooching in it! I also did everything in my power to dream up all sorts of terrible things that Brody and Landon might encounter on the date from hell. The results are pretty funny. And also… get this… I wrote the last chapter of the novella from Brody’s point of view!!!!! Did your head just explode?? How about your heart? Either way, I hope that’s as exciting to you as it is to me.

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Now onto the cover!

Rachel Hollis

For both Party Girl and Sweet Girl we shot the covers at my house, in my front yard, using my legs! So this one couldn’t be any different. My poor hubby was so sick that day, but he got out of bed and put on some slacks to help me get this shot. What do you think of how it turned out? I think it’s just darling!!