WHERE MY LADIES AT!? Let’s all send the delightfully enduring Lesly Knope from Park’s and Rec a thank you card for creating the best Holiday in the world, GALENTINE’S DAY! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talkin’ bout, I’ll tell ya! Galentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day to honor all of the special women in your life. It’s terrific because it gives you a chance to cherish your fond memories, gab about the future, and let’s face it, sometimes romantic relationships are fleeting but this magical day lifts us up no matter what! So let’s celebrate our favorite Gal pals by throwing the ultimate GALENTINE’S DAY AFFAIR!

The best thing is that you can recreate this look with items you have around your house or you can nab these actual goodies from Pier 1

We decided to give each of our cherished gals their own little “milk” bottle 

Cheers to the BFF that’s there for you rain or shine! 

Shop Sweet Lulu was so kind to donate these super cute place settings that fit with our Theme! 
Instead of chairs, we decided to use pillows so we can all be a little bit more comfortable. We mixed white and gray pillows because these are neutral colors and everything else was bright pink and red. Use pillows from your house or mix and match with these gray and white pillows from Pier 1. 

For all our ladies who are non-wine drinkers, we still wanted to make them feel special, so we made a festive Italian soda using this yummy recipe. We also got these adorable XOXO coasters that fit perfectly with the decor of the get-together. 

TREAT YO SELF! Now let’s move onto the desserts… the most important part right? To honor the ladies that we can be our true selves around just one dessert wouldn’t do! We’ve decided to have all the desserts!  Cookies, cakes, and chocolates, cause that’s how much love our friends!

It’s always nice to leave a party with a goodie bag, so we mixed a few glamorous chocolate bars with some of our favorite pro-bestie reads, which you can, of course get here 

photo credit: @racheljwise

party planner: twineevents.com