This post was created in partnership with Michael Kors. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Michael Kors.

I feel like I should start this post by saying that I was wearing a gold Michael Kors watch years ago, before it became a thing. Remember the chunky gold watches that started it all? Well, they came out around the first time I did an event at Sundance and I used the profits from that job to buy myself one. I went for the men’s version because I want it to be as giant as possible so I can show it off. I went to Facebook just now to find photographic evidence for you of that first year with me and my Michael Kors watch. So here’s a shot from my baby cousin’s twenty-first birthday in Vegas (is that gel in my hair??) but I swear to you that watch made me feel fancy. I was rarely seen without it!

I wore my Michael Kors watch for over a decade (I’m sure you’ve seen me rock it 9,000 times) but about two months back it finally stopped working.

Yes, I took it to a watch repair place. Yes, I tried replacing the battery. Yes, I prayed over it. It was dead, but during our time together that Michael Kors watch helped me pull off some fantastic ensembles and always kept me on schedule.

So when the Michael Kors team reached out to ask about collaborating on a campaign for their new smartwatch I about peed my pants! This is a product that I have loved for years and now they’ve gone an upgraded it, making it perfect for my busy life… seriously, dream come true!!

I pulled together some ideas for the number one way I’ll be rocking my new Michael Kors Sofie Access smartwatch… business trips! These are my top-five, go-to, must-have business trip essentials. 

A Versatile Jacket that you can dress up or down – this bomber/blazer is so perfect to rock to a business meeting on the plane or drinks out with clients.  

Michael Kors Sofie Access smartwatch I think I’ve fully established my love for this brand and their watches… the new smartwatch and the Google Assistant feature has my schedule and email all in one place. Best part I can access the Google Assistant with the sound of my voice! You can also change the design on the face to your style (or whatever matches your outfit!)

Because the Michael Kors Sofie Access smartwatch is connected to my iPhone so it not only keeps me updated with my calendar but I can also keep track of my fitness and social platforms. I swear this is all I need for when I travel since I am always running from meeting to meeting. It’s both stylish and functional.

 Stylish Bootie–  Often times I’m going from the plane directly into a meeting so I need to look pulled together. However, I will never, ever understand women who wear heels at the airport. What is your superpower?! I stick with something cute that has a low heel so I can walk for miles without discomfort.

 Refillable Water Bottle- To always make sure you’re getting that H2O without having to buy anything I always travel with an empty and stylish water bottle. I wait until I’m through security and then I fill it out at a water fountain or Starbucks.

 Wireless Ear Buds– I’m die-hard for a wireless earbud. I love that I can listen to podcasts or music when I travel and just as easily take a phone call. They’re also small enough that I can wear them without people even realizing I have them in.

Want to find out how I keep my energy up when I travel? This video has ALL the juicy detail.