Have you gotten your hands on a Start Today Journal?  If you’re not already familiar with our Start Today Journal, it’s a product created out of a practice I did for years– that practice was born out of frustration. I was tired of starting and stopping my goals over and over again. I wanted a habit that would help me see them through to completion. In the past, whenever I set out to change my life for the better (like at the New Year or right before a big birthday) I tended to get really fired up and tried to improve everything at once. Have you ever done that? January would roll around and I’d be like, “OK, I’m starting a diet and writing the next great American novel and working on my marriage and I’m finally going to get my dog to stop pulling on the leash!” And the thing is, for a few days, I’d kill it! But then life would happen and one ball would drop and then another and suddenly I was right back where I started only now I was beyond discouraged.

I speak about this process in my book Girl, Stop Apologizing and on this podcast where I read the Introduction Chapter to the Start Today Journal.  I highly recommend that as a companion for this journal if you want to go into more detail on goal-setting and how to take actionable steps, but the impetus for this daily practice in my life was that I couldn’t understand how I could start out so strong and determined only to watch my drive fizzle and fade in no time flat. The worst part was that whenever I failed to achieve my goals or gave up (again) I would mentally berate myself for not being able to achieve big things. It’s only now that I understand that it wasn’t that my goals were too big, it’s that there were too many. There’s even a How-To guide if you’re really confused about how to use this journal!

When I started to narrow down my focus and begin each day with intention I really began to see a shift in how much traction I was making with my dreams. Check out the video below for more details + check out the full collection right HERE.