Button Art -TheChic

I love a craft that A: occupies my children B: uses up leftover supplies and C: occupies my children… did I mention that this occupies children?

It does, and it only takes a few materials to create it so gather up your buttons, pom poms, stickers, or really anything that you can attach to a canvas and let’s get to crafting! ~Rachel 

Button Monograms-TheChicYou could print out a letter and trace it out as a template but we just free-hand drew ours with a pencil. Since you’re covering it with buttons it won’t end up keeping it’s shape exactly anyway.

button crafts for kidsSet up a little station for your kiddos with buttons and glue. I suggest giving them a little guidance (like adding the glue to the flat side of the button, making sure you use every size/color, etc) and then letting them have at it.

kids crafts colorful, buttonsAnother fun idea is having them make the monogram for each other… so in our case Jackson made an “S” for his brother Sawyer.

Button Monogram-TheChic copy