bug bite skin soother

I really can’t say enough about Shea butter. I liken my obsession with Shea to the way  the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding felt about Windex. I think it can do just about anything. And this homemade skin soother is no exception. Together, Shea and calendula oil are a wonderful combination to help calm and heal skin irritations. Whether it’s a bug bite, dry patch or a mild allergic skin reaction to detergent or perfumes, this lightly scented blend in incredibly hydrating and soothing. I hope you’ll make it and let me know what you think!~Brandee 

at home bug bite remedies Homemade beauty products are easy to make and a lot of them of contain some of the same skin healthy ingredients. If you keep Shea butter and and a few of your favorite essential oils on hand, there are several beauty recipes you can whip up in just a few minutes. For this recipe, simply take all ingredients and mix together. You may choose to add a few more drops of  lavender if you would like the skin soother to be more fragrant. I left the Shea butter on the counter to soften a bit before mixing. Store in the fridge or on your counter for easy access, but keep away from extreme heat if possible. Enjoy! 

diy bug bite medicine