rachel hollisAn artisanal cheese display has been the centerpiece of our holiday party for as long as I can remember. I started making them years ago because it was something I could set up in advance, it looked cool, and since cheese is served at room temperature it’s an appetizer you don’t have to babysit. The night of our party I only have to replenish as supplies get low but that’s infinitely easier than serving warm appetizers throughout the evening! Watch the video below for a step by step and then scroll down to see the how-to. ~Rachel 

Start by gathering plates, platters and bowls to hold all your goodies. I like to use items that are in a similar color scheme so everything looks cohesive. 

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Next I like to set up all of these items on my table to get a feel for how it’s going to look.

party cheese display

I typically begin with something to add height to the table like a tall centerpiece and then try and make everything else on the table work down from there in a wave. Adding height really gives dimension to your cheese display which makes it so much prettier than just laying everything out on a flat table. 

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If you don’t have cake stands consider flipping a bowl or a low vase upside down and using it to hold up your plate. Just be sure it’s wiggle proof before you cover it with food. 

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Once I like how the table looks with empty plates and platters I go through and add a note for what will go in each. This is a great option if you have any helpers setting up with you, that way everyone knows exactly where everything should go. 

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I’m sure y’all can tell by now I love cute signage and I use it in everything from Brunch to PotlucksSo you know it’s going to show up on my cheese display… otherwise, how will your guests know what you’re serving them? Use our free printable below to cut out your own then just attach it to a toothpick with a little tape.


Because cheese is the star of this show you also want to make sure you serve high quality options to your guests. As a California girl born and raised, I’m pretty die-hard about serving Real California Cheese to my guests because I know it’s brand I can trust. 

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Whether a big or little party, indoors or out, a cheese display is a gorgeous way to feed your guests in style!

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