So you’ve decided to volunteer as snack mom, which basically makes you a hero worthy of unqualified admiration. You’ve taken on the massive responsibility of keeping 15 hyped up children fed, and you’re looking for a few spruced up snack combos to bring centerfield? Luckily, I’ve got you Chic Tribers,  I’ve teamed up with Capri Sun to bring you some easy go-to combos that will satisfy even the pickiest outfielder.  There’s a laundry list worth of things that you can’t bring for snack day because of dietary restrictions, so it can be tough to stay within the guidelines while attempting to create a yummy meal. 

Start with a delicious, nutritious, and most importantly EASY combo of a handful of green grapes in a plastic or paper bag, dealer’s choice! Next add some pretzels (an instant crowd pleaser), and one string cheese for some protein. Next, write something adorable on the label like “hey batter batter!” but if you’re not in the mood to channel Martha Stewart then just toss a string cheese into a brown paper bag and call it a day. You do you. Finish this snack party off with a refreshing Capri Sun Sport Grape Blast. With 20% less sugar* and 25% fewer calories** than leading regular sports drinks, Capri Sun Sport is a great addition to any snack.

Recharge the team with a Fruit Frenzy flavored Capri Sun Sport that’s full of water and electrolytes, a healthy granola bar (with NO NUTS, a number one allergy among children), a handful of yummy crackers and some fresh carrots for the perfect balance of healthy and tasty between innings snack.

Begin with a banana for potassium (if that’s too big cut them in half if they are smaller kids). Next, add a hand full of dried snap peas, throw in a Citrus Rush Capri Sun Sport and finish off this super half-time celebration with a fruit snack treat and you’re ready to go!

Grab a handful of rice puffs, another instant fav, and throw it in the to-go bag of your choice! Next, add a classic cutie orange, a few pieces of chocolate in a baggie for a sweet treat, and of course top it off with a Capri Sun Sport Fruit Frenzy. The last step, enjoy the game!



* Per 6 oz., this product 8 grams of sugar, sports drinks 10.5 grams of sugar.

**Per 6 oz., this product 30 calories, sports drinks 40 calories.