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I think we may have invented the easiest/cutest hostess, housewarming, or bridal gift the world has ever seen!!

Ok, not positive that we actually invented this for reals but we did dream up this version after seeing a picture of a chef holding some cooking utensils. When I looked at it I thought to myself, Self, that would make an adorable bridal shower gift! And since this needs exactly two ingredients (new cooking utensils and ribbon) it only took us a few minutes to pull the gift together. With wedding season upon us, consider giving it as a bridal shower gift. You’ll get extra points for creativity and sticking with a theme! ~Rachel

Utensil Bouquet Ingredients-TheChic

What You’ll Need…

New Kitchen Utensils – I suggest sticking with matching colors, I like wood and stainless steal because I think they’re prettiest in bouquet-form!

Matching Ribbon – Use a WIRE edged ribbon that way your bow will hold it’s shape!

step by step

Lay your utensils out in a cluster with the tallest ones in back and a good mix and match of style and texture. Slide your ribbon underneath and tie the bunch in a tight not. Next tie a bow. Cut the edges of your ribbon at an angle or like mine above for some added style.

bridal shower gift bouquet-TheChic