matchbox collection

Recently I hosted a dinner party at a restaurant and as we were walking out I stopped by and grabbed a box of matches from the restaurant bar. One of my friends commented on my need for matches and I explained that I don’t really use them, I just have a matchbox collection. I went on to explain why I collect them and she loved the idea and went back to grab her own box. I thought his was something everyone did, but since my friend hadn’t heard of it I thought I’d share the idea with you too.

matchbox collection

These are boxes from my matchbox collection. You might see restaurant names, but I look at them and see my 30th birthday party at Osteria Mozza (my favorite restaurant!) I see Sushi Roku where our group of friends celebrates every December with a holiday party. I see Soho House where we celebrated Dave’s new job a few years ago or The Ace where we had our five year wedding anniversary. Each one evokes a memory and each one was totally free, no pricey souvenir necessary. 

matches in apothacary vases

You can start a matchbox collection and won’t cost you anything. Just nab some matches from a restaurant, hotel or bar and store them all in one place. Once you have a big collection display them in an apothecary vase, a large bowl, vase or even a big fish bowl.

Mantle with Apothecary Jars