DIY 4th of July Wreath Cupcake WrappersSometimes I get an idea for a post in my head and it doesn’t go at all according to plan. Remember that time I tried to make cookie bowls and they melted everywhere? Or that time we attempted a rain cloud photo back drop and then realized it was actually way too hard for any human besides Martha Stewart to pull off and we had to scrap the whole idea? My point is, there are plenty of times on the site where I dream up an idea for a post and it doesn’t work out. Guys, this is not one of those times!!

Seriously, how cute is my DIY Red, White and Blue Wreath for 4th of July?? You should totally make one to hang on your door before the holiday this weekend!

How to Make a Cupcake Wrapper WreathAdmittedly, adding the cupcake wrappers for your red, white and blue wreath is a little time consuming… but it isn’t difficult. Plus you only need a handful of ingredients and if you’re like me you already have wrappers leftover from your Banana Split Cupcakes or your Cupcake Wrapper Garland. Have your kids prep the wrappers and you can handle the glue gun… it’s a patriotic craft for the whole family!

Patriotic Wreath

4th of July Door Decor