Get Rid of BugsDid you know that you could make your own DIY Bug Repellent Candle?

Did you know that it could be pretty, and natural and that you probably have a lot of the ingredients at home right now?

It’s true!

Every summer we sit around on the back patio sipping wine or playing with our kids (or sometimes doing both at once!) and we’re constantly swatting at flies or running from mosquitos. Typically we use those bug repellent candles but the smell is so harsh and strong even I don’t want to be there– it’s no wonder it scares the bugs away! But this “recipe” for a DIY bug repellent candle is easy, pretty (who doesn’t love a floating candle?!) and it smells a little like Christmas!

DIY Bug Repellent Supplies

Line Vase with River Rocks for Candles

Start by placing rocks in the bottom of your glass containers. No, the rocks aren’t necessary, but I think they’re prettier so just go for it!

DIY Bug Repellent Candles

Next add ten drops of each kind of oil into each container. Then you can add the water and the herbs and spices. I used rosemary, cinnamon and lemon slices.

Pretty Bug Repellent Candles

Lastly, you’ll add the floating candles and light them up. Quick note from my wedding planning days: wait until you’re ready to light them before you put the candles in the water. Floating candles can absorb water through the wick from the bottom up. So if you add the candles three hours before you want to use your DIY bug repellent candle there’s a really good chance the wick will be wet up top and super hard to light.

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