Craft Room The Chic SiteEvery Monday I record a new episode of #RachTalk my weekly show where I talk about random things while drinking caffeine in the Chic HQ craft room. And many of you have asked for a tour of that room because, for reals, who has an entire room devoted to craft supplies? Well, if you run a lifestyle website then you totally do! The craft room also functions as an office for both our social media coordinator and our head of PR so it needed to be functional as well as pretty. Here’s how I set it up.

Craft Room Open Shelf OrganizationStep number one was getting these stackable shelves so we could see everything. When it comes to craft supplies you won’t use what you can’t see so it’s important to have somewhere to put it all.

Craft Room Paint OrganizationNext, I started sorting things into categories: paint supplies, paper props, envelopes, washi tape, scissors, yarn, etc. Everything was grouped with other things like it.

Craft Room Supplies in JarsNext, came containers! We have a ton of props at the office for cooking stuff (we actually have three shelves for that area), so we had plenty of containers. I figured if we ever needed these mason jars or that bowl we could just borrow it and put it back. But, by utilizing the cool and clear vessels we have we were able to put the crafts on display. It’s such a fun burst of color when you walk into the room!

Craft Room Washi Tape StorageCraft Room Stationary

Craft Room Pens and Pencils in Mason Jars

Craft Room Jars

Next up, I needed containers for some bulky items like material or yarn. Some of the containers I had and others I grabbed from the bargain bin at Target.

Craft Room BinsBoth paper and ribbons were sorted and arranged by color. It makes it so much easier to find a coordinating piece in the craft room.

Craft Room Supplies Organization

Craft Room RibbonsLastly, I sorted smaller items into simple tupperware containers and labeled them so it would be easy to find what we needed.

Craft Room Labeled Bins