We all know that school has kicked back into high gear and as I’ve let the Chic Tribe know we’ve partnered up with ScholarShare to celebrate National College Savings Month for the month of September. To help spread the word about the importance of saving for college and the benefits of California’s 529 plan, ScholarShare is hosting its annual College Savings Pledge Sweepstakes. As part of the pledge, participants are encouraged to declare how much they can save on a monthly basis for their future college grad – even if it is just $25. Then, throughout September, five eligible sweepstakes entrants will be selected each week to receive $500 (in the form of a ScholarShare Gift of College gift card) to support their savings goals.


These are amazing goals to set and it got me thinking about finding the TIME to make goals happen! Partnering up with ScholarShare we’ve talked about instilling positive values, teaching the value of saving, and raising lifelong learnersI’m sharing the value of Time Management with my kids. This topic is very near and dear to my heart because I am a big believer in using my time wisely to accomplish my goals. While my boys are young, I want to teach them the value of using their time efficiently. As important as it is for our children to study, it’s also vital to teach them to get their tasks completed on time. This is a difficult concept for the youngsters and I wanted to create a fun activity that could help introduce the idea of time management. So I created a FREE printable to show you can help your kids manage how much time they are spending on chores and activities throughout the week. The way it works is pretty simple because this is something I need a four year old to understand.


Each shape and color means an activity or chore that they have to do. All you have to do is place the marker on the day and time they are allowed to complete the activity or chore. For example, on Monday the boys will have 20 minutes of free time which can include going on the iPad, watching TV, or playing outside. I will set a timer and once it rings it’s time to either get straight to homework. The boys know that they can find everything they need for homework in their bucket . School work can include anything from reading to writing but the boys know from time management sheet that they will need to spend 25 minutes doing school work before doing anything else. Chores is also a big thing in the Hollis home! I even created a Chore Board to help get them motivated. That’s why I place a red triangle on Saturdays for 15 minutes the boys know that they will have to help with things around the house. 


What do you think, is this something you’d try out with your own kids?