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As part of our ongoing campaign with ZzzQuil I’ve talked about how I maintain sanity when my world feels totally crazy. I’ve also talked about how hard it is to be an “adult” with this funny video. To wrap up our series I thought I’d talk about how I seize the week. 

More specifically I thought I’d share the things I do to prep on Sunday afternoon so I can feel ready for the week ahead. I’ve talked a lot in the past about my Sunday prep and many of you who follow me on social media have seen pictures of me doing this, but here are all the details. 

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Make a To Do List – Getting organized is essential in helping me feel ready to take on the week ahead so I sit down on Sundays and start my weekly to-do list. I look at the calendar so I know what’s coming up and make notes accordingly like, “snacks for Sawyer’s class party” or “turn in field trip permission slip”. This way I can refer to it all week long to stay on track. Want to see how I organize my to-do list? Check out this post

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Workout – Nothing helps me feel more stable mentally and physically then getting outside and getting active. Because it’s so great for me I try and always fit in a good workout on Sunday afternoon. I like a good long run if I can get away but if I can’t some time on the trampoline with my kids works just as well.

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Handmade Lunchtime Notes

Meal Prep – Sunday is the best time to prep your meals for the week! It’s when I write my napkin notes for the boys and prep their lunchtime box. It’s also a great time to prep my own healthy snacks and food that will work with my diet.

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Spa Night – I know I should put on a face masque every other day for my skincare routine, or use a body scrub to make my skin glow. But truthfully I just don’t have the time (or the energy) to pull that off during the week. So Sundays are my night to do a little something extra special with my beauty regimen. Looking for something fun to add to your own at-home spa night? Try one of our DIY beauty recipes.

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Get Some Sleep – As I mentioned in my previous posts, getting sleep is so, so, so important. So even if I don’t do as well every other night of the week I make sure I start off my Sunday night with a full 8 hours.

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