leftover pot roastMy recipe for Balsamic Pot Roast is the most popular post we have here on The Chic (it’s been pinned over 100,000 times!) and besides that, it’s a Hollis Family Favorite. I love it so much I can eat the leftovers for days, but Dave isn’t really interested in re-heated meat so I came up with this little recipe. Add a little cheddar cheese and some pre-made pie dough and these leftovers might be better than the original dish! ~Rachel

pre-made pie dough

I like to buy pre-made pie dough when it’s on sale (right after holidays is always a good time!) and store it in the freezer. That way when I’m ready to make something like this I’ve got the dough already.

Pot Roast Hand Pies
Yields 10
Turn your leftover pot roast into tasty little pies!
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  1. 1 Cup of Leftover Pot Roast - I used one with potatoes and carrots
  2. 1 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  3. 1 Package of Pre-Made Pie Dough
  4. Egg Wash - Equal parts egg and water whisked together
  1. Pre-Heat Oven per the pie dough box instructions
  2. Unroll dough and use a cookie cutter to cut out circles for mini pies, set to the side.
  3. Cut your pot roast into smaller pieces and mix with cheese
  4. Place a spoonful of pot roast/cheese mixture into the center/side of dough circles.
  5. Use the photos in this post to see how to close each pie up
  6. Brush with egg wash, bake per package instructions (10-15 minutes or until golden brown)
  7. Serve warm
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mini pie recipe

Unroll the pie dough and use a circular cookie cutter (a glass or a bowl rim will also work) and cut out circles. You can smash together the scraps and use a rolling pin to roll it out again. Continue until you’ve made all the circles you can.

pot roast and cheese

Use a cutting board to dice up your pot roast, carrots and potatoes into smaller pieces and mix with cheddar cheese.

step by step pie

Put a little spoonful of your pot roast/cheese mixture on the center/side of of a dough circle. Fold over the other half and use a fork to pinch the edges together.

do I need to vent my hand pie

Grease a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray, and lay your pies out. Use a knife to cut a tiny slit in the top of each pie for venting. Create and egg wash using equal parts egg and water and brush onto each pie (you don’t have to do this but it helps make the pie golden brown). For an extra touch of flavor, I then dipped the brush into the juice from the pot roast and brushed that across each pie too! I baked mine for 10-15 minutes at 350 (check the back of your pie-dough box for the temperature it suggests). Allow to cool on a wire rack.

Pie Dough Hand Pies -TheChic

make your own mini pie