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Wedding season is upon us… or, if we’re being real, wedding season is basically all year long here in Los Angeles. But springtime? And summer? That’s when wedding invitations go from zero to ten and suddenly we’re attending someone’s nuptials every other weekend. If you’re like the staff here at Chic HQ and headed to approximately 900 weddings in the next several months I thought I’d make up a little wedding gift guide for you.

These are some unique gifts you can get for the happy couple. Yes, they’re off registry but they’re also darling and there’s something available in every price range. Check out my favorites below… see something you like? Click on the highlighted link to show you where I found it.

Rachel Hollis The Chic Site Wedding Gift Guide


  1. 1. Quality Aprons – I’m a little bit enamored with Hedley & Bennet Aprons and I’m not alone in this crush. Basically everyone in the food world is in love with them too. The aprons are a bit pricey but that’s because they’re made so well (right here in the USA) and they come in every color combo you can imagine. 
  1. 2. Honeymoon Care Package – Need a more affordable option (I’m looking at you 20-somethings)? What about putting together a darling little honeymoon care package? You could fill it with snacks for the plane, word search puzzles, your favorite books and even these really cute cocktail kits. All they have to do is get the tiny liquor bottle from their flight attendant and they’ll be ready to toast their future and their super thoughtful friend who packed all this rad stuff for them! 
  1. 3. Wooden Pie Plate – This pie plate from A. Heirloom so darling because you probably wouldn’t buy it for yourself… you’d do something much more rational (like spend the money on toilet paper and cereal!) But if someone got it for you as a gift? Get out of here! You’d love it forever and use it to hold all of your pies and other round desserts!
  1. 4. Glass Cake Stand with Cover – Don’t sniff at the idea that every newlywed couple needs this glass cake stand... they do! You can use it to hold dessert or a flower arrangement. It could serve as the base for a birthday cake made entirely out of donuts or work as some kind of neat DIY terrarium. The list is endless! 
  1. 5. Home State Art Work – My sweet husband got me this piece of art (in the shape of California) for Christmas and I love it. It would make such an awesome wedding gift and is totally customizable. Get them each a small matching set with their home states. Or get them one large piece of the state they live in now. So cool! 
  1. 6. The Greatest Cookbook on the Planet – I mean, newlyweds probably need a cookbook filled with delicious, easy to achieve recipes, right? And since I wrote it and I’m on the cover, I can personally guarantee how awesome this particular book is. What’s that? You’re worried that it doesn’t come out until October? Oh well, a pre-ordered cookbook makes an awesome gift… half the fun will be the build up. “Congratulations Pam and Steve, your gift will be here in seven months! Get fired up!!”
  1. 7. Custom Cutting Board – I love, love, love this board! You can use it for actual chopping, but it’s also just as adorable as display for your cheese and crackers. 
  1. 8. Really Rad Throw Pillow – I have this particular pillow on the sofa in my office and it always makes me smile. Alexandra Ferguson designs these pillows and she has a ton of great sayings, styles and colors. 
  1. 9. Gift Card to the Hardware Store – When in doubt, a Home Depot Gift Card! Sure, lots of people think of Target or Wal-Mart and those are great. But there’s something about a hardware store that makes you feel like you’re setting up a home. I was so grateful for friends and family who gave us these as gifts.

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